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  • 1.  SKE SIG-0 Summary Notes

    Posted 25-03-2024 12:55
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    Thanks again to everyone that attended our kick off meeting last Monday! I hope you all got something out of it and are motivated to continue.

    We discussed a few different areas and challenges that I have summarised for us. This is is saved in the resources section in the 'Student Knowledge Exchange SIG' community, and attached to this post. We will now move all discussions and updates to this community, so please do check your email / notification permission if you want to receive the updates. This can be different from the general discussions. 

    To help guide the ongoing direction and structure of this SIG, please take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire. There are only 5 questions and should take no longer than 10 minutes. This is for everyone interested in taking part, not just those that were able to attend this meeting.

    As a starting point for building our collective knowledge, it would be helpful to start a repository of any SKE related documentation, reports or guidance that can be shared. Also, any links to PR, stories or blogs of the work that has already been going on.

    If you have or know of any, please feel free to add them here via the Resources tab directly or email them to Leanne to add them:

    Leanne Kenyon
    Founder & Director
    ProjectMatch Ltd